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Performance Studios Australia

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Is the Voice Summit for me?

  • You’re a singer who wants to learn all about your instrument and how to improve your performance and gain new skills

  • You’re a voice actor who is driven to learn more about the diverse opportunities available in voice acting and grow healthfully.

  • You’re a vocal athlete and want to everything you can to prevent injury. Learn how to work with a team to protect yourself and detect risky behaviors and injury early.

  • You want to break into new areas of voicing and want to learn about all the opportunities available.

  • You want to meet experts and expand your professional network.

  • You’ve heard all about our incredible events and you just know that you want in.

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You'll have the opportunity to connect with some incredible international educators and performers, as well as work with some of them ONE-ON-ONE. Plus, there will be opportunities to take part in performances of your own!

Take advantage of the incredible social gatherings and community events so you can network and THRIVE. Performance Studios Australia and The Svara Project come together to bring you - The Voice Summit: OZ! Connecting you with the vibrant singing community of Australia and helping you to build relationships with local and international voice professionals from ALL areas of voice work.

Singer? | Actor? | Voice Over Artist? | Presenter? | Teacher? | Coach? | Voice Professional?

the voice SUMMIT: oz! 2024

We can't wait to see you!