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Performance Studios is designed to upgrade your brain, body, and life.

Principal Coaches

We are a rare blend of real-life talent, intuition, training and resilience. Our genuine and heartfelt style is focused on supporting you to FEEL, EXPRESS, and BE the best in the business.

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Lisa Lockland-Bell

Founder | CEO | Creative Director | Principal Vocal Coach

Lisa Lockland-Bell is a dynamic force in the world of coaching singers, actors, voice-over artists, and vocal artists, offering a transformative experience that goes beyond the realms of traditional vocal training. With her extensive background as a world-class opera singer and her own journey of overcoming adversity, Lisa brings a unique blend of expertise and empathy to her coaching practice.

As the Founder, CEO, Creative Director, and Principal Vocal Coach of Australia's Performance Studios, Lisa is dedicated to helping her clients unleash the full potential of their voices. Whether you're a singer aiming for vocal excellence, an actor seeking to expand your range and versatility, or a voice-over artist striving for authenticity and impact, Lisa's coaching empowers you to break free from limitations and embrace limitless possibilities.

Through her holistic approach, Lisa goes beyond technical proficiency to address the mind-body connection, spiritual alignment, and personal empowerment. She understands that true vocal freedom comes from within and works tirelessly to guide her clients toward a deeper understanding of their voice and its potential.

With Lisa as your coach, you'll not only develop greater flexibility and control in your singing voice but also gain confidence and authenticity in your everyday voice. Her coaching style is characterized by heartfelt leadership, clear communication, and a commitment to helping you tap into your true voice and express yourself with clarity and conviction.

Whether you're stepping onto the stage, recording in the studio, or delivering a powerful message, Lisa Lockland-Bell equips you with the tools and mindset to thrive in any situation. With her guidance, you'll discover a newfound sense of freedom and flexibility in your voice, opening up a world of limitless choices and possibilities.

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Stewart Fleming

Master Coach, Managing Director

Our MD has walked the walk having personally founded over 30 businesses and a coaching roster that stretches into hundreds of executives and business owners around the world.

In 2015, Stewart founded Coaching Life magazine, which quickly became a National and then International publication. As Editor-in-Chief, he has interviewed hundreds of the worlds best coaches for insights into elite human performance.

For the few that get to experience Stewart's unique Business or Leadership programs, you quickly identify the next step in your success journey. Find the short-cuts that will work for you and create a more successful and sustainable business. With the tools Stewart provides, you will soon navigate any challenges with confidence.

Enter a space without judgement in the confidence that you are working with a master.

Performance Studios is the culmination of years of coaching experience and connections. PS has been purpose built to provide a home capable of combining every area of coaching from Life to Executive, from Singing to Business. If you want to truly explore your personal potential, come and meet the team at Performance Studios.

PS... Are you ready?

Core Performance Team

We are proud to have established a vibrant and high functioning team.  A hand-picked team to fit in with our core culture, values, and beliefs.  The Performance Studios "VIBE" is unique, ensuring everyone feels included, welcome and most importantly, safe and ready to thrive.

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Emma McGuire

Studio Manager | Associate Vocal Coach

Emma has been singing has been working as a professional gigging musician for years playing weddings, events and venues, and has a passion for country music and music theatre. In musical theatre she has played such roles as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde the Musical, Galinda in Wicked, Hedy LaRue in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, and Annie Oakley in Annie Get Your Gun.
Emma is currently completing her Masters of Music Studies at Griffith Conservatorium of Music, specialising in Vocal Pedagogy. She also has a Bachelor of Theatre (specialising in Music Theatre) at the Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music, and has participated in international voice/teacher trainings with ANATS, Estill Voice International, BAST Training, VocalizeU, and Somatic Voicework Training.
Emma has a very personable, friendly way of teaching, with a primary focus on building the foundations of vocal technique in combination of working with the voice through body, mind, and spirit in a holistic way. This is what initially drew her to her work with Lisa.
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Dave Spicer

Contemporary Vocal | Instrumental Specialist 

Dave Spicer is an award winning pianist and vocalist with hundreds of recordings, television appearances, touring, radio and festival appearances to credit. In addition to being a finalist in the Australian National Jazz Awards - Australia’s most prestigious award he is also very active within the contemporary music scene in Australia and shares an equal love for performing and educating.

Music has taken Dave all around the globe and he is on call to play (and has played) with many of Australia’s leading artists. He has written for MGM, Warner Music and his commissioned works have been performed by small groups up to orchestras. His recorded music has been streamed millions of times and at times placed no1 on different charts.

As an Educator Dave has been teaching at Queensland Conservatorium of Music - Griffith University for the past 15 years. He has achieved double Masters degrees and his past students include Dami Im, Lenny Henry, Megan Washington, Tim Maddren (Hi-5), Elly Hoyt to name a few. He has delivered online lessons to 40,000 subscribers.

Dave is an official Kawai artist and plays Kawai instruments.

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Laine Loxlea-Dannan

Piano and Music Theory Teacher

Laine has an absolute passion for music, theatre and art. Performance is Laine’s motivating force that has propelled her successful career and keeps her inspired. She is currently enrolled in a Doctor of Musical Arts at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Griffith University. She holds the qualifications of Master of Music Studies – Vocal Pedagogy Strand majoring in Contemporary Voice, a Graduate Certificate in Performance and a Diploma of Music majoring in Voice, and a second study in Composition.
She has a Double Diploma in Vocational Education and Training and Training Design and Development and a Cert IV in Training and Assessing. In the past Laine has had the pleasure of being the Operations Manager for the Hayward Street Theatre Performing Arts Centre, the Head of Music at the Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts (ACPA), the Head of Training and Singing at the Brisbane Academy of Musical Theatre (BAMT) and has taught at tertiary level as a singing and voice teacher for the Popular Music, the Musical Theatre, Under-Grad Jazz and the Post-Grad Vocal Pedagogy Department at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Griffith University.
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Beth Foad

Associate Vocal Coach | Studio Manager

From a very early age, Beth has been what can only be described as a thriving performer, with her passion for the stage beginning through dance and blossoming through music. With experience in Jazz, Folk, Theatre, Pop, and many other Contemporary styles, Beth is an extremely versatile artist. As a two-time graduate of the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, Beth has spent the last decade honing her skills under the mentorship of Australia’s finest Vocalists, Dr Irene Bartlett, our very own Dave Spicer, Kristin Berardi and Elly Hoyt. Beth has performed in venues all over Queensland including Suncorp Stadium, Doobop Jazz Bar, QPAC’s Green Jam, the Brisbane Jazz Club, Studio 188, as well as private events. Beth has been involved in a number of vocal and instrumental ensembles over the years, most recently joining the Queensland Youth Orchestra Big Band on their tours of Far North Queensland, as well as their Annual Swing Dance nights and Disney Concert.  Beth has a fierce passion for Vocal Pedagogy and has completed her Master of Music Studies Specialising in Vocal Pedagogy.


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