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Opening Up Opportunities Scholarships

  • Singing Scholarship

    Performance Studios

  • Opening Opportunities

    South East Queensland's Gifted Singers

  • Eligibility

    14 - 18 year old attending school in South East Queensland. Pursuing a career as a singer.  Ready to learn. Motivated to succeed.  

  • Application

    Audition process

  • Scholarship

    Value: 6 month vocal tuition = $3000

  • Deadline

    Apply by: November 25th, 2022

The Performance Studios Vocal Scholarships

Calling Queensland's Gifted Young Singers

Opening up opportunities for South East Queensland's Youth

At Performance Studios, our founder and principle vocal coach Lisa Lockland-Bell is encouraging secondary students across the the region of South East Queensland to dream big, with the PS Scholarships.

This Scholarship program is about giving back… Lisa’s 30+year career has enabled her to now give back to the community by sponsoring these two vocal scholarships.  The objective of each scholarship is to encourage local young singers who demonstrate natural ability, interpretation and delivery of vocal performance.

Due to high demand, students will be chosen based on the criteria below with the chance to receive six-months full tuition at the Performance Studios in Loganholme.

Funding for this award has been provided by Lisa Lockland-Bell in an effort to nurture and encourage the extensive talent within South East Queensland.


Year 8 to 12 students who are interested in a career as a singer are invited to apply for this wonderful opportunity. Up to two successful applicants will receive a Full Scholarship of a six-month training program beginning February, 2023.

Following this 6 month journey, the winner/s will walk away with;

  • New behaviours and hard wiring around singing
  • A positive training experience
  • Their own unique and powerful vocal style
  • A stronger vocal technique, including:  Tone, phrasing, breath support, posture, interpretation etc...
  • A greater awareness and relationship with their body
  • Healthy Mindset
  • Clear career path
  • Performance strategies: The ability to impact their audience, from the moment they step on stage
  • Understanding of how to deliver their song and effectively connect with their audience
  • Professional stage craft techniques
  • Understanding of how to release the voice sending them forward in their career.


Singing is an incredibly intimate art form: Sharing your thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs.

The value of Lisa’s teaching goes beyond just teaching a good vocal technique. Students will learn how to overcome mindset blockages, life challenges and negative self-talk, this then allows the physical, emotional and psychological freedom needed to discover the true voice.

A human voice has the power to move, to change lives, to touch something great in us all and to make us recognise in ourselves what it is to be human.

The experience of participating in a live performance is unique and unforgettable, and should be available to all.


The LLB Vocal Studio is offering up to 2 x 6-month partial Singing Scholarships:

Full time scholarship

  1. Each Scholarship = 6 Months of Singing Lessons
  2. Weekly, 60-minute Lessons (excluding school holidays)

Each scholarship will consist of one individual weekly lesson of sixty minutes duration for a period of six months (excluding school holidays).

The scholarship cannot be awarded as a cash prize. Scholarship recipients are responsible for the cost of books, study materials, travel and all other costs of study.

Field of Study

  • Singing
  • Performance

Singers may elect to specialise in the style of their choice - Classical, jazz, country, contemporary style...


The scholarships are available to a prospective student who is:

  1. Female, Male or Non Binary: The LLB studio embraces diversity and all applications will be considered based on vocal excellence and ability.
  2. Age 14-18 yrs.
  3. Living in or attending a school in south east Queensland.
  4. Pursuing a singing career.
  5. Able to attend weekly lessons.


Round 1: Online Submission
  1. Applicants are to submit a video singing two contrasting pieces: Classical, Jazz or Contemporary.
  2. 300-word essay answering the following:
    1. Who are you?
    2. What experience you have had in performance and training.
    3. Why do you want to improve your singing?
    4. What would this scholarship would mean to you?
    5. What do you want to do with your singing in the future?
  3. 1 x Current Headshot.
  4. A copy of public school ID.
  5. A letter of parental consent to accept the scholarship if your application is successful.
  6. A letter of recommendation:  This can be a letter from a teacher, pastor or community leader recommending you as a candidate.
Round 2 : Personal Audition
  1. Audition
  2. Interview


Round 1: Application Submission & Due Date 

November 25th 2022: 6 pm Deadline: Please note, NO late entries will be accepted

Application documentation: To be sent to: [email protected]

Application video: Send online via a Youtube or Dropbox LINK

Successful Round 1. Applicants: Will be notified via email by 6 pm on the 2nd of December, 2022.

Round 2. Applicants: Audition and Interview 

Friday December 9th: Between 3am – 4pm @ Performance Studios, 3994 Pacific Highway, Loganholme QLD 4129

Successful Applicants: Announced Friday 16th December, 2022

Scholarship Commences: Term 1 - February, 2023

Concerns or Questions

Please forward any questions to [email protected]

Good luck!


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