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LESSONS WITH LAINE Piano & Guitar for All Ages

  • Maximum Class Size

    Private lessons OR

    3 student max per group class

  • Duration

    30-60 minutes per week

  • Entry

    Places are limited - Subject to application and availability

  • Term Fee

    Private Lessons

    • $110 / hour
    • $55 / half hour
    • $110 / hour per group lesson

    (Price divided between number of students in group)

  • Location

    Studio 3


This is what you have been waiting for! Welcoming Laine Loxlea-Danann to the PS Team; our incredible Piano, Guitar and Music Theory teacher. She will be teaching Piano, Guitar and Music Theory lessons for all ages and abilities! Join us at Performance Studios for group or individual piano or guitar lessons, which lay the foundations of music in a fun and safe environment.

Laine has an absolute passion for music, theatre and art. Performance is Laine’s motivating force that has propelled her successful career and keeps her inspired. She is currently enrolled in a Doctor of Musical Arts at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Griffith University. She holds the qualifications of Master of Music Studies – Vocal Pedagogy Strand majoring in Contemporary Voice, a Graduate Certificate in Performance and a Diploma of Music majoring in Voice, and a second study in Composition.

There are so many benefits to playing piano. It is like a fitness routine for you brain and your hands. Playing piano can have have positive affects on your personal wellness as well.

Laine also offers SING & PLAY lessons for both Piano and Guitar, where you can learn to sing along while you play your favourite instrument! Great for all of our budding singers!

When they first started, some past and current successful piano playing students thought you need to be young to start learning to playing the piano. But you don’t have to be young, you can learn to play at any age and be playing your favorited songs in no time. All you need is your passion, your fingers and plenty practice.

Our enthusiastic teacher, makes learning to play fun and enjoyable by ensuring you are receiving a healthy diet of a mixture of piano play styles. You will learn to play reading notation and as well as playing by reading a lead sheet off chart.

At PS, students will have the platform to explore their music potential. Whether they are interested in pursuing music as a potential career, love playing along while singing, or are just finding themselves, the Performance Studios are wide open for everyone who is willing to learn.

Talent, innovation, freedom... Performance Studios is where it’s at. No ability is too small or quiet at Performance Studios, and no prior experience is necessary.

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  • Songbirds (6-11 years)
  • Rising Stars (12-17 years)
  • Adults (18+ years)
  • All Classes

Strictly Limited Numbers

Crooner Class Bookings


We have created the acting classes to support our singers onstage to be the elite performer that they aim to be.

Learn techniques that will enable you to ace your auditions and secure your dream role.

The Performance Studios knows how painstaking it could be, giving your everything to bag the role, just to end up seeing your dream role being taken away from your hands.

We came up with the solution for every audition jitters, so you can confidently stride on with your prowess.

Our aim is to help our students achieve the results they want to see - holistically and professionally.

We'll be with you from your first step until you reach the stars.


For the crooners who are starting their singing journey, this Disney class is the perfect place to begin.

While this fun and interactive class focuses on a variety of Disney songs, you will also develop a classical technique, vocal production and strong delivery that is based on each individual's development.

Glee Club

A glee club originated in the United States. It is made up of a mixed musical group or choir that specialse in singing short, harmonised songs - glees - by trio or quartet.

PS: Glee Club Nightingales is an opportunity for you to elevate your skills to the next level. With syllabus that is focused on songs that are broken into 3 & 4 part harmony this class also works on more complex rhythms, stagecraft techniques, delivery and overall showmanship.

*Glee Club Membership requires students to be:

- In a minimum of one other group or private class singing class.
- To audition for this class please contact one of our friendly team members to arrange this for you.

Contemporary / Pop

The contemporary/pop class is focused on singing the songs we hear everyday.

Contemporary singing is by far the most common style of singing that we hear everyday. Written in a basic format: verse-chorus structure we hear most songs today in this easy listening style, including pop, soft rock, big ballads, easy listening, soul, R & B. Combined with often lush, soothing and highly polished vocal qualities, the emphasis is usually on the melodic vocal line and harmonies. Contemporary is usually very melodic and is written in a basic format: verse-chorus structure.

Dance/ Movement

Movement in song and performance is such an important skill for aspiring creatives. 

This class is designed to build stage craft, stage presence and allow the performers confidence to soar to new heights. Additionally it boosts foundational musicianship skills (like keeping time and feeling grooves) that will carry across to other musical activities and skills.

Musical Theatre

For the crooners who love to take the lead with singing, dancing and acting, then the Musical Theatre class is ready for you.

Each class has been created to focus on age appropriate songs that develop a strong broadway technique. This fun and very popular class is aimed at, but not excluded to, preparing you for auditions in junior, amateur and professional companies.


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