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ADULTS 21+ years

Adult Classes It’s not too late for that dream

  • Maximum Class Size

    20 students per class

  • Duration

    50 minutes per week

  • Entry

    Places are limited - Subject to application and availability

  • Term Fee

    $220 (1 lesson per week for 10 week term)

  • Location

    Studio 2 & 3

You simply cannot put a limit on pursuing your dreams, particularly in these trying times.  You need an artistic outlet, somewhere to give your voice and dreams a chance to soar and most importantly sing.

At Performance Studio's there is no age limit or time period to achieve your best singing and entertainment prowess - Passion and dedication are all it takes!

Performance Studios is here to help you fearlessly take the first step in finding your voice.  Whether you are 25 or 60, your voice has endless potential. Your voice will find its natural rhythm as soon as you trust our process.

From building a strong technical foundation to identifying your internal voice - get ready to embrace a journey beyond music.

Here at Performance Studios, we pride ourselves on pushing beyond 'entertainment'. We are here to transform your world, to become a singer with a purpose: To make your voice meaningful while stepping into the next phase of your life.

Every class class begins with vocal warm up and routines that encourage vocal strength, variety and flexibility. Throughout the program you will learn how to express yourself through body awareness, posture, diction and harvesting a positive mindset.

We teach every class with a particular syllabus and you'll have the opportunity to present chosen works at the mid-year and end of year showcases.

Select your Class
  • Carers & Cubs (2-5 years)
  • Nightingales (5-7 years)
  • Songbirds (8-12 years)
  • Crooners (`13-15 years)
  • Young Artists (16-20 years)
  • Adults (21+ years)
  • All ages
  • Homeschooling (5-18 years)

Strictly Limited Numbers

Adult Class Bookings

After selecting your chosen class, view "Show full pricing" and choose either the Term Pass (to pay term in full), or Weekly Class Payment Plan (to set up a weekly class payment) - then enrol into the first class of the term!

Once this has been purchased, PS Staff will enrol the student into the full term of classes.

Adult Disney- Term 2 - 2022 Pass

General Singing Class - Term 2 - 2022 Pass

Dave Spicer Performance Workshop (16+) - Term 2 - 2022 Pass

Jazz Fusion Workshops

Jazz is not a music style - it is an approach you can take to playing any style of music.

You’ll develop your technique, skills, harmonic and rhythmic understanding as well as performance etiquette  and talking to a band in a performance setting - you can then use these skills within any style of music you want.

Almost every top contemporary artist has a grounding in jazz because of commitment to push all musical boundaries. Any artist with a career trajectory should seriously consider gaining an understanding in jazz.

Adult Disney Classes

For the Adults who love to throwback to the old Disney classics from their childhood, this Disney class is the perfect place to begin.

While this fun and interactive class focuses on a variety of Disney songs, you will also develop a classical technique, vocal production and strong delivery that is based on each individual's development.

Adult Singing Class

This general adult singing class will help you to develop a classical technique, vocal production, and strong delivery that is based on each individual's development. 


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