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At Performance Studios We believe you deserve to be heard!

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At Performance Studios we are proud to have one of the broadest vocal training programs in the country. With specialist programs that include babies, toddlers, junior, senior and adult vocal training, we are confident we have something for all styles, ages, budgets and intentions.

Our broader syllabus is broken into industry genres that cover the well known standards: Disney, broadway, pop, classical and jazz. While our Academy Syllabus is designed to help our young artist to adapt and prepare for their industry demands.

Each class takes a fun, holistic approach that develops a strong and healthy vocal technique, while most importantly a positive experience that builds confidence into each singers mental health.

Bringing together a lifelong passion for psychology, communication, alternative thinking, eastern philosophy and of course THE VOICE: The Foundation of the performance studios is supported by over 30 years of industry, skill based training and experience. We cover everything from tweaking your embouchure (a fancy word for mouth shape) to aligning your vocal cords, managing your breath support and embracing the micro elements of presenting.

The Performance Studios team has been trained with Lisa's proven methodology. A combination of musical expertise, scientific know-how and emotional intelligence.

Carers and Cubs

2 - 4 Years 


5 - 7 Years 


8 - 12 Years


13 - 15 Years

Young Artists

16 - 20 Years


5 - 18 Years

Glee Club

5 - 20 Years




20+ Years


13 - 20 Years


Our students have landed roles in...

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Classes By Age All Classes All Classes Choirs
Mumma & Bubba (2- 5 Years) Mumma & Bubba Meditation Indiginionious
Nightingales (5-7 Years) Musical Theatre The Business Of Performance Community
Songbirds (8 - 12 Years) Contemporary Summer and Winter Solstice LGBTQ
Crooners (13 - 15 Years) Disney Examination Special Needs
Young Artists (16 - 20 Years) Lyrical Private Vocal Coaching
MC Ready Program (18 +) Acting Elite Performance Academy
TWV Program (18 + Women) PS: Glee Club Acting
Elite Performance Team Movement/Stagecraft


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Kids - 3-4pm Fridays

Adults - 4-5pm Fridays