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Welcome to the Spring Soiree... PS Elite Performance Team

1st & 2nd October, 2023

Performance Studios' Spring Soirée was a coming together of 9 months of hard work, world-class training, and the dedication of our Elite Performance Team to perfecting their craft.

Club Noir's 1st Birthday Spring Soiree was a night to remember, celebrating a year of successful operation with an extravagant red carpet affair on September 1st and 2nd. The Performance Studios 2023 Performance Team from South East Queensland showcased their talent, delivering captivating renditions of classic songs by renowned artists such as Madonna, Freddy Mercury, Dear Evan Hansen, and Andrew Lloyd Webber. The audience was enthralled by the performances of the talented lineup, including artists such as HUDSON BERTRAM, CAITLIN ROGERSON, LILLY MILLHENCH, LILLIAN LEE, ISSAC PARR, EMMA WAGENSVELD, ELIJAH PARR, SAMANTHA REARDON, CALEB PARR, and RUBY WALL.

Under the expert guidance of Creative Director Lisa Lockland Bell and Assistant Director Emma Louise McGuire, the event unfolded seamlessly, with graceful choreography by Gabriella Boumford and Rachel Dowse adding a touch of elegance. The talented Musical Director, David Spicer, and his four-piece band added an extra layer of magic, sweeping everyone off their feet with their enchanting melodies.

The grand celebration was made possible by the support of esteemed partners, Issada Cosmeceuticals and Studio4Photography, adding an extra touch of sophistication to the event. The spirit of generosity shone bright with the event's charity beneficiary being The Carers Foundation, showcasing the profound impact of the celebration beyond the realm of music and festivity.

Take a look at some of the incredible images and video footage below.

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