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  • Peak Performance Mindset

  • Duration

    • 60 min
  • Fees

    $275 per session - Adult

    $200 per session - Jnr (Under 18) 


    • Allow 3-4 sessions over a month 

Contact Stuart for more Information, or to Book:


Elite performers have the ability to perform under pressure, they are able to manage emotions and external factors to deliver a performance that connects to others.

Through the Performance Studios you are going to be armed with all the knowledge, skills, techniques and processes to help you deliver your performance at the level you know you are capable of.

This is where I come in, I am Stuart Walter, the CEO of the Elite Mindset Institute, I am also known as ‘The Athlete’s Secret Weapon.’ I am the guy that World Champions choose to get their head in the game. 

When it comes to performance, whether an elite athlete, on stage presenter, singer, dancer or actor, you are going to have to have the ability to manage emotions, to be able to instantly get into that peak performance state, remember your lines, steps and content.

The one thing that generally fails people at this time, is our minds. The pressure and stress responses if nerves, doubts and fears are present, will shut down the parts of your brain that you need at that very moment. You have all seen it, people freeze, forget words and steps… this is all manageable.

For this reason. Lisa Lockland Bell has approached me to help her performers and artists, in a wholistic approach. I have the runs on the board when it comes to presenters, singers, dancers, actors and of course athletes. 

The same fast track methods to change habits, beliefs and behaviours that my 39 World Champions use is now available in-house at the Performance Studios and even remotely to assist you, your kids and anyone you know who may have the potential and not be able to deliver when it matters most.

Please check the booking availability and if you want your more information, please review the website or please call to have a chat to determine if peak performance mindset and wellbeing is suitable for you.

Stuart Walter

CEO Elite Mindset Institute

Contact Stuart for more Information, or to Book: