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  • Maximum Class Size

    20 students per class

  • Duration

    50 minutes per week

  • Entry

    Places are limited - Subject to application and availability

  • Term Fee

    $220 (1 lesson per week for 10 week term)

  • Location

    Studio 2

Studio 2

From the moment they were born, your child’s first cry was music to your ears. All parents look forward to the day their child starts cooing and learning their first word.

It’s common knowledge that singing is an expression of the soul and most parents wholeheartedly support their children in activities that strengthen their creative and intellectual growth. From a parent’s perspective, it is quite easy to spot your child’s artistic edge. The seeds of talent are planted at home. Now, what’s next?

Let them find their voice. In this world full of chaotic noise and unpredictable turns, just like nightingales, let their voice be their guiding steps.

Now that they are growing up, they will start exploring their own identity. This is the perfect time to give your child their artistic wings. We will work to find and identify their hidden potential, a talent that you might not even know of yet.
Sometimes the best gift is just to hear them! Give them the freedom to express themselves - who knows, your little one could be Australia’s next big superstar?

At Performance Studios, we believe that your children can go further by starting them young. We will help them find their natural rhythm and melody. We have programs that fit every client’s needs and preferences. Each class is tailor-made for the students so you can expect professionalism and artistry to blend seamlessly, manifesting in your child’s performance.

No voice is too small or quiet at Performance Studios. No prior experience is necessary.

We have wide range of diverse style classes for your child to choose from, including the high demand PS: GLEE CLUB.

Every class begins with vocal warm up and routines that encourage vocal strength, variety and flexibility. Throughout the term you will also learn how to express yourself through body awareness, posture, diction and harvesting a positive mindset.

We teach every class with a particular syllabus and present chosen works at at the mid and end of year showcases.

Select your Class
  • Carers & Cubs (2-5 years)
  • Nightingales (5-7 years)
  • Songbirds (8-12 years)
  • Crooners (`13-15 years)
  • Young Artists (16-20 years)
  • Adults (21+ years)
  • All ages
  • Homeschooling (5-18 years)

Strictly Limited Numbers

Nightingale Class Bookings

After selecting your chosen class, view "Show full pricing" and choose either the Term Pass (to pay term in full), or Weekly Class Payment Plan (to set up a weekly class payment).

Once this has been purchased, PS Staff will enrol the student into the full term of classes.

Disney - Term 2 - 2022 Pass

General Technique Class: Contemporary/Disney - Term 2 - 2022 Pass

Glee Club - Term 2 - 2022 Pass

Dance/Movement - Term 2 - 2022 Pass


For the young nightingales starting their singing journey, this Disney class is the perfect place to begin.

While this fun and interactive class focuses on a variety of Disney songs, you will also develop a classical technique, vocal production and strong delivery that is based on each individual's development.

Musical Theatre

For the nightingales who love to take the lead with singing, dancing and acting, then the Musical Theatre class is ready for you.

Each class has been created to focus on age appropriate songs that develop a strong broadway technique. This fun and very popular class is aimed at, but not excluded to, preparing you for auditions in junior, amateur and professional companies.

Contemporary / Pop

The contemporary/pop class is focused on singing the songs we hear everyday.

Contemporary singing is by far the most common style of singing that we hear everyday. Written in a basic format: verse-chorus structure we hear most songs today in this easy listening style, including pop, soft rock, big ballads, easy listening, soul, R & B. Combined with often lush, soothing and highly polished vocal qualities, the emphasis is usually on the melodic vocal line and harmonies. Contemporary is usually very melodic and is written in a basic format: verse-chorus structure.

Glee Club

A glee club originated in the United States. It is made up of a mixed musical group or choir that specialse in singing short, harmonised songs - glees - by trio or quartet.

PS: Glee Club Nightingales is an opportunity for you to elevate your skills to the next level. With syllabus that is focused on songs that are broken into 3 & 4 part harmony this class also works on more complex rhythms, stagecraft techniques, delivery and overall showmanship.

*Glee Club Membership requires students to be:

- In a minimum of one other group or private class singing class.
- To audition for this class please contact one of our friendly team members to arrange this for you.

Dance/ Movement

Movement in song and performance is such an important skill for aspiring creatives. 

This class is designed to build stage craft, stage presence and allow the performers confidence to soar to new heights. Additionally it boosts foundational musicianship skills (like keeping time and feeling grooves) that will carry across to other musical activities and skills.


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