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Spiritual Hawaiian  Lomi Lomi Massage

  • Lomi Lomi Massage

  • Duration

    • *90 min on table* (allow 2 hrs) or
    • *2 hours on table* (allow 3 hrs)
  • Pricing

    90 min - $150

    2 hours - $185

Our vocal coach Emma is all about a holistic approach to coaching also, and is studying the beautiful and healing art of Lomilomi massage. Lomilomi is a deeply nurturing, powerful and loving practice and the intent and focus of the giver is also a major part of Lomilomi massage.

The Hawaiian principle of ‘energy flows where attention goes’ is always remembered while the giver is fully present with the receiver in every moment, listening and responding to what the body and heart of the receiver needs for balance, harmony and healing - and moving over the body with long, flowing strokes to move energy around the body.

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90 Minute & 2 Hour Sessions available