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Homeschooling 5-18 years

  • Maximum Class Size

    20 students per class

  • Duration

    50 minutes per class

  • Entry

    Places are limited - Subject to application and availability

  • Price

    $25 per class

  • Location

    Studio 2 & 3

Studio 3

Give your child the artistic outlet they need.  Help your star upgrade their natural voice talent. Whether it’s your child’s first exposure to vocal training or you want to continue enhancing what they have, we are the venue for voice growth and innovation.

Think of professional mentorship meeting artistry and innovation - that’s our vision. We train our singers to become elite athletes, performers who can harness their voice's power. Every song sung embodies the passion and artistry that Performance Studios proudly instills into all their students.

Every class begins with vocal warm up and routines that encourage vocal strength, variety and flexibility. Throughout the term you will also learn how to express yourself through body awareness, posture, diction and harvesting a positive mindset.

We teach every class with a particular syllabus and present chosen works at at the mid and end of year showcases.  No voice is too small or quiet at Performance Studios. No prior experience is necessary.

Select your Class
  • Songbirds (6-11 years)
  • Rising Stars (12-17 years)
  • Adults (18+ years)
  • All Classes

Strictly Limited Numbers

Homeschooling Class Bookings

After selecting your chosen class, view "Show full pricing" and choose either the Term Pass (to pay term in full), or Weekly Class Payment Plan (to set up a weekly class payment).

Once this has been purchased, PS Staff will enrol the student into the full term of classes.

Acting (5-12 yrs) - Term 2 - 2022 Pass

Acting (13-18 yrs) - Term 2 - 2022 Pass

Contemporary/Pop (5-12 yrs)- Term 2 - 2022 Pass

Contemporary/Pop (13-18 yrs) - Term 2 - 2022 Pass

Musical Theatre (5-12 yrs)- Term 2 - 2022 Pass

Musical Theatre (5-12 yrs) - Term 2 - 2022 Pass


We have created the acting classes to support our singers onstage to be the elite performer that they aim to be.

Learn techniques that will enable you to ace your auditions and secure your dream role.

The Performance Studios knows how painstaking it could be, giving your everything to bag the role, just to end up seeing your dream role being taken away from your hands.

We came up with the solution for every audition jitters, so you can confidently stride on with your prowess.

Our aim is to help our students achieve the results they want to see - holistically and professionally.

We'll be with you from your first step until you reach the stars.

Contemporary / Pop

The contemporary/pop class is focused on singing the songs we hear everyday.

Contemporary singing is by far the most common style of singing that we hear everyday. Written in a basic format: verse-chorus structure we hear most songs today in this easy listening style, including pop, soft rock, big ballads, easy listening, soul, R & B. Combined with often lush, soothing and highly polished vocal qualities, the emphasis is usually on the melodic vocal line and harmonies. Contemporary is usually very melodic and is written in a basic format: verse-chorus structure.

Musical Theatre

For the crooners who love to take the lead with singing, dancing and acting, then the Musical Theatre class is ready for you.

Each class has been created to focus on age appropriate songs that develop a strong broadway technique. This fun and very popular class is aimed at, but not excluded to, preparing you for auditions in junior, amateur and professional companies.


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