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PS Business Club Feedback

Thanks in advance for your feedback. You can remain anonymous but I'd love to follow up if you'll allow it. The following list includes different support services for business, all based on coaching and training. Do you think these would benefit you and your business, others businesses or none.

1:1 Private Coaching sessions
Delivered online or in-person these personalised sessions deliver focused attention with immediate results but is also one of the most expensive ways of delivering results.
Weekly Online Group Coaching Sessions
From experience, regular check-ins and support is the key to fast and lasting change.
Weekly Online Group Feedback and Support Sessions
More technically focused than the Group Coaching Sessions, this could be run by an accountant, web expert, HR expert, marketing specialist or any other discipline.
Access to online training and resources
There is a lot to learn in business but rather than deliver the content weekly, we can provide access to a library of topics with related video lessons, templates, checklists and resources in a self-paced platform.
Private online community
The Private Community is where you can brag about wins, seek help with challenges and compare results with like-minded business owners on the same journey as yourself.
Special Guest Group Coaching Sessions
Over the last 7 years I have personally connected with over 400 world-class coaches. Would you like to hear from other world-class coaches throughout the year?
Mastermind Business Lunch
This is a chance to get together with fellow business owners who are on the same journey in a relaxed atmosphere.
How much benefit would 12 months supported coaching provide?
Business Coaching is an investment and should be seen in terms of return. Is it likely that 12 months of focused business development would return an extra $100, $150, $200 or more per week?
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