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The triple threat! Stagecraft & Movement

The TripleThreat Your Final Piece

  • Maximum Class Size

    30 students per class

  • Duration

    60 minutes per week

  • Entry

    Places are limited - Subject to application and availability

  • Trial

    Every successful applicant qualifies for a complimentary trial class held prior to the commencement of their first class.

  • Term Fee

    $220 (1 lesson per week for 10 week term)

An essential feature of elite performance is your ability to move on stage.

Your ability to engage an audience depends on a combination of your dialogue, movement and expressions.

The success of a performer's image and reputation are linked to how they approach performances, not just with their ability to play an instrument or sing.

Having the ability to move and express yourself freely on stage can also reduce your anxiety, increasing your confidence in every performance .

At Performance Studios we are committed to making sure you include good stagecraft/movement into your practice.  Strong movement and dance preparation will ensure you can strike a pose in every performance.

This class is essential for a career on the big stage.

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