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Esports Winter School 10-18 Years

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These winter holidays give your kids something to look forward to!

The winter holiday Esports program at Performance Studios will have your kids up and out of bed early, excited to come down to our state of the art gaming room.

Two-days of thrilling gaming will see your 10 to 18 year old learn about cyber safety, teamwork and communication all through their passion for video games. We will teach them how to play better and safer while they have fun and grow, playing with their friends.

Where is this being held?

The Program will Cover

Game Mechanics
Online Teamwork
Development Strategies
Intrapersonal Skills
Online Safety
Income Stream Options

Esport Team Opportunities

The very best players may be chosen to form the PS Esports Team for the coming term. 

We are working with other Esports organisations and Sponsors to create a Queensland Esports League and Performance Studios will put a team into this league. 

If your child is chosen, we will go through the requirements to make sure this is suitable for you.


What's Included

  • Two days of training and gaming
  • Light Lunches
  • Graduation Certificate
  • PS Esports Ranking

We are offering 2-day courses for three games: 

  • Fortnite Program - 4th & 5th July
  • League of Legends - 6th & 7th July
  • Counter Strike: Global Defensive - 8th & 9th July

We only have 10 spaces per program, so be sure to book in today!

This could be your child this Winter


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Kids - 3-4pm Fridays

Adults - 4-5pm Fridays

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