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CARERS & CUBS 2-4 years

Bonding classes + coffee Carers & Cubs Class

  • Classes Available

    • 2 Years
    • 3 Years
    • 4 Years
  • Maximum Class Size

    20 students per class

  • Duration

    50 minutes per week

  • Entry

    Places are limited - Subject to application and availability

  • Term Fee

    $220 (1 lesson per week for 10 week term)

From the moment they were born, your child’s first cry was music to your ears. All parents look forward to the day their child starts cooing and learning their first word.

It’s common knowledge that singing is an expression of the soul and most parents wholeheartedly support their children in activities that strengthen their creative and intellectual growth. From a parent’s perspective, it is quite easy to spot your child’s artistic edge. The seeds of talent are planted at home. Now, what’s next?

Let them find their voice.

In this world full of chaotic noise and unpredictable turns, let the voices of these songsters be their greatest strength.

Now that they are growing up, they will start exploring their own identity. This is the perfect time to give your child their artistic wings. We will work to find and identify their hidden potential, a talent that you might not even know of yet.

Sometimes the best gift is just to hear them! Give them the freedom to express themselves - who knows, your little one could be Australia’s next big superstar?

At Performance Studios, we believe that your children can go further by starting them young. As you bond with your precious bubba, we will help them find their natural rhythm and melody.

No voice is too small or quiet at Performance Studios. If your little one can walk then they are ready to sing.  As a parent, you do not need any prior experience or training.

We teach every class with a particular syllabus that includes the music of Spotty Kites - Spotty Kites is an Australian-based creative house of songs, scores and stories for children.

The songs will be repeated each week because we recognise that repetition and consistency are pivotal for children’s learning at this young stage.


  • An engaging and musical learning environment
  • End of Semester Performance
  • Basic movement coordination of gross motor skills
  • Use of props and musical instruments
  • Social skills
  • Learning to listen and follow instructions
  • Group co-operation
  • How to express themselves freely
  • Having fun

Parents Group

As a part of the Carers & Cubs Classes at Performance Studios, we are excited to invite all class participants to a post-class parent group.

With a community tea and coffee station within the premises, we invite you to stay on and enjoy some parent time on our outdoor patio.  We understand the benefits of talking to other parents who are experiencing the journey of same things.

This is a safe place to share your experiences, concerns, triumphs and disasters—or just have a good laugh together!

Select your Class
  • Carers & Cubs (2-5 years)
  • Nightingales (5-7 years)
  • Songbirds (8-12 years)
  • Crooners (`13-15 years)
  • Young Artists (16-20 years)
  • Adults (21+ years)
  • All ages
  • Homeschooling (5-18 years)

Strictly Limited Numbers

Carers and Cubs Class Bookings

After selecting your chosen class, view "Show full pricing" and choose either the Term Pass (to pay term in full), or Weekly Class Payment Plan (to set up a weekly class payment). Then enrol the student into the first week's class for the term.

Once this has been purchased, and the first class enrolled in, PS Staff will enrol the student into the full term of classes.


Carers and Cubs 2 Years - Term 2 - 2022 Pass

Carers and Cubs 3 Years - Term 2 - 2022 Pass

Carers and Cubs 4 Years - Term 2 - 2022 Pass


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